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Palm Tree Leaf

Palm tree leaf

Outsite my office window, there are many palm trees. I thought about making one so it may be reused later to make a full tree.

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circle involute

As part of a project to make a nice gear mesh with logo, I wondered how to generate the involute of a circle.

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Flying Boxes

A surprise happened when I was trying to use nested transforms.

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A paper dragon

a dragon


The dragon curve is a fractal which is defined by replacing a segment of the curve with a (smaller) version of itself.

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Another Tetrahedron


Thanks to Knoblauch who created the Tetrahedron blog in VRMath2 Community. She demonstrated two methods to create a tetrahedron. Here I present another way to construct a tetrahedron using VRMath2 Editor. This is a generic way utilising the dihedral angles in 3D shapes. By this, many of the classical geometric solids such as those listed in this challenge can be easily created.