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general smoothness

smooth gear

Getting gears to appear smooth by explicitly assigning indices to the generated facets got me thinking in more detail of how to accomplish this result in general, for any facets drawn in face mode by turtle graphics.

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smoother gears

smoother tooth

Trying to get a smoother appearance for the curved gear teeth involves lessons both in logo programming and in the underlying 3d display technology.

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helical gears

3 helical gears

The real advantage of gear modelling in 3d is that gears in a mesh do not have to parallel each other. It is posible to demonstrate how gears can transfer rotation (and forces) to orientations other than the driving gear. This kind of transfer is possible by use of helical gears.

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3d involute gears

3d gears

As an update to the 2d involute (curved teeth) gears, I modified the program to produce 3d (extruded) gears. This required a change in drawing tactics.

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Spur gears

Spur gear set

Finally, not perfect at all but working gear set in 3D. Thanks to asplech's blog about involute gear and this Spur Gear document, I finally get to know better about these cogged wheels.