How to edit own profile

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Your personal profile is accessible to all registered users, and it will be good if they can see or search your details such as your real name (if you provide), badges, and posts. To edit your own profile, after you logged in to VRMath2, follow the steps below.

  1. Click on My Account on the top-right corner of VRMath2 community website.

    My account bar

    You should then see your personal details including your photo (picture), subscription, personal information, history, and badges etc.

  2. Click on Edit tab as shown below.

    By now you should see the Account form to edit. Remember that you can also click on Personsl information and My newsletters to edit those sub-categories. 

    You can also click into those tabs next to Edit, such as Messages, Posts, Track, Badges, and File browser to view or edit settings.