Mixing Colours

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Mixing colours(3)

Click on the five colours to add a portion of colour into the mixing container and see the colour change.
There are five colours below: Black, Red, Yellow, Blue, and White.
Do you know how to make orange colour?
How about green? purple? or brown?
What is the ratio of the five colours to make dark green colour?


Add some colour paint by clicking on colour tubes.
Make prediction about what colour you will get.
Click on Blend colour button to mix the colours. 
Remember that you can click on the Reset button to empty mixing container,
and if you like the colour you make, you can click on the Collect colour to add the colour to your colour table.

Let's make some colours!

Teacher's Note

This mixing colour tool is designed to show the part-part notion of ratio and part-whole notion of fraction. Students can have fun mixing colours and record the ratio of each produced colour into the colour table for discussion.

Note: This is computer simulated colour mixing, the colours mixed using real paints may be slightly different.


Copyright (C) ENIPP 2006-2008, Programmed by Andy Yeh