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Welcome to the Wiki Main Page!

From this page, you can access the tutorials and technical documentation of VRMath2. This is the central purpose of this Wiki.  All members are welcome to create and edit any Wiki pages to better document the LOGO programming in VRMath2 and provide your experiences in tutorials. As a Wiki, all editing history (revisions) will be recorded. Therefore, we can always revert to previous versions of wiki pages if needed.

If you are new to VRMath2, we strongly recommend that you watch below the two short videos. From there you will know how to explore further the VRMath2 Community site and the VRMath2 Editor.  You can then follow the organised links below or, alternatively, you can simply search this site to find related information.

Videos to begin with ....

Browse through VRMath2 Community Portal Website
This video shows how to browse some blog pages.

Try some examples in VRMath2 Editor
This video shows how to open and try some virtual worlds and Logo programs.

The "What is" pages

Click on the above link to find some "what is" questions answered.

The "How to" tutorial pages

Click on the above link to find some "How to" questions explained.

The Logo Programming Guide/Reference

Click on the above link to go directly into the Logo programming guide.

VRMath2 Turtle Graphics

Below are some old wiki pages. Members are welcome to edit and update them.

Turtle Graphics Commands