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1. VRMath 1.0

During 2002-2003, I developed a 3D Logo application called VRMath (1.0) for young children to learn geometry in 3D virtual space. The 3D Logo environment enables children to freely navigate within 3D virtual space, while at the same time, command the Turtle to turn (change of direction/orientation) and move (change of location/position), and thus construct 3D or 2D geometric objects.

Due to the change in technologies, VRMath 1.0 can no longer be run (I still have VRMath living in my virtual machine though) in current web environment.

Click here you can still visit the old VRMath 1.0 website (for its web pages only, not the application).

VRMath is now being re-developed into VRMath 2.0 using technologies including X3D, X3DOM, WebGL and HTML5 etc. The objectives are to take the concepts of 3D Logo and develop a series of web pages to research into young children's development and understanding about geometry (e.g., shapes, location, direction, and movement).


2. RFCs

The Request For Comments (RFCs) page contains some early prototypes of VRMath2 used in the STAR project in 2010.


3. Prototypes

This prototypes page contains the earliest development of VRMath2.