VRMath 1.0 Home (Archived)

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Welcome to VRMath (1.0) Project

VRMath is an open, online VRLE (Virtual Reality Learning Environment), in which users can use a Logo like language to construct 3D virtual worlds. During the construction processes, users will improve their spatial ability by linking their mathematical language to 3D real time graphics, and participating in online community. Below is a snapshot of VRMath.

VRMath screen shot, click to view large image

VRMath is a free educational application. However, to ensure that VRMath can run correctly on your computer, please follow the function list and read carefully before entering VRMath. For more information about VRMath, please visit the following pages.

  • Introduction to VRMath (1.0)
    Introduction about VRMath project including Interface and general guides to the use of VRMath.
  • Interface tour
    An interface tour to tell you the functions associated with buttons, menus etc.
  • Command library
    A library of available commands (languages) to program or control the turtle for building virtual worlds. Alternatively, you can explorer commands from the Command Index page.
  • 3D navigation
    A special introduction to the navigation in 3D (Desktop Virtual Reality) worlds.
  • Tutorial page
    A brief tutorial for using commands, writing procedures, and saving projects in VRMath.