Makerspace Project

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The Shed

I am creating a Makerspace in my shed.

Makerspace is a promising learnign environment for creativity, problem solving, and innovation. I have been working on this alone for some time and would like to start sharing ideas about how to implement a Makerspace Learning Environment (MLE) in educational settings. My main purpose for designing such a MLE is for my personal interests and passion in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education. I will present my home makerspace first then discuss how it can be translated into classroom situations.


storyline 1 storyline 2 storyline 3

** I 3D printed some robots and plan to make some stories for learning. This is just a trial, and the moral of the story is "Remember to exercise".

Table of Contents

The physical environment


Working Benchtop and Storage


Power and hand tools


My 3D Printers

  1. TL4100 Delta
  2. CTC i3 Prusa (Clone)
  3. TEVO Little Monster

3D making/modelling tools

  1. TinkerCad
  3. VRMath2 Editor
  4. OpenJSCad
  5. Google Sketchup (Online/App)
  6. Autodesk Inventor
  7. Mobile Apps
    • ​Qlone - 3D scanning

3D printing software

  1. Cura
  2. Repetier Host


Raspberry Pi



The learning projects

STEM integrated projects

S • T • E • M coding projects


Learning theories, models and framework