Earth and Space

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Potassium Atom

Potassium Atom Model

Grace Clemens

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Methane Molecule


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Lithium Atom Model
All the objects that surround us in our lives are made of extremely small particles invisible to the naked eye.
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Interactive Earth Cross Section

Earth Cross Section 2

This is a slightly improve Earth Cross Section model of the previous one, with added animation and some interaction. Previously, the focus was on using VRMath2 Editor to construct the model. This time, the focus is on the learning about the Earth's geo structure. This is one of the main purpose of VRMath2 as a learning community for all to create, share, discuss and learn.

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Earth Cross Section

Earth Cross Section

In the X3DOM mailing list, there was a discussion about constructing solid geometry. One application of solid geometry is to model the cross section of Earth. Unfortunately, solid geometry is not supported in X3DOM. However, the cross section can be achieved by using other geometry available in X3DOM. Here is an example.

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Sundial simulation


Some weeks ago, I have implemented the lighting components in VRMath2 Editor. There are three different lights: point light, directional light, and spotlight. In this blog, I am using the directional light to simulate the sunlight for casting a shadow on a sundial.

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Rotating Earth orbiting the Sun

Rotating Earth

This is a simple Earth and Sun model. This model is not to scale in terms of size and distance.

The rotation and revolution speeds are roughly to scale. The Earth in this model is rotating at 1 second per rotation. It is also revolving at 365 seconds per revolution.

The Earth has a tile of 23.5 degrees on its rotation axis to the orbiting plane. There are also some background stars (points). This model can be easily created using VRMath2 Editorsmiley