Copper Lattice

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Copper is a metal element found in nature. Copper atoms can stick together forming large grid-like structures known as crystal lattice. I found a picture of copper lattice from a secondary school science textbook. The picture shows a simple grid structure so I quickly coded in VRMath2 Editor to produce the 3D model below. It is a small copper lattice structure in the outer space.

My interest is alway just from making 3D models using some geometry. However, affter I have done the model, I cannot resist to wonder why the structure of the copper lattice is like that. Does it have anything to do with its atomic structure particularly with its electrons at the outer layer?

Later, I searched online, and found a few different pictures of copper lattice. And my model of copper lattice could be incoorect..... oh no.

Anyway, maybe someone can carry on the research and help produce a better model.

Below is my LOGO codes, and files attached at the end.

Filescopper_lattice.x3d  copper_lattice.logo

I have also tried viewing this model in a CardBoard VRBox, hope someone can also try it. :-)


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