Linnmon Table

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This is my second attempt at the Furniture Visualisation Design Challenges: The LINNMON Table. It took me less than an hour to create in the VRMath2 Editor. I think that I am getting better at mental visualisation and computation of scale, location, direnction of movement in 3D space. cheeky

Below are my LOGO codes for this LINNMON Ttable. You can simply copy and paste the codes into the Logo Editor in VRMath2 Editor to recreate this table. Or you can download and collect the files at the end of this blog.

At the end of the LOGO program, I like to return the turtle back to where it starts, so I can simply move around the turtle to place more linnmon tables if I wish. To do so, remember to get rid of the first command cs so you won't clear screen every time you run the program. If you like, you can also collect this program into a procedure and run it as below:

; LINNMON Table procedure

Then whereever your turtle is, you can simple type in LINNMON and you will get a linnmon table from where your turtle is and faces.

Another important idea to achieve this is that, as you can notice, there are only Egocentric Movements in this program. This is the specialty of the Turtle Graphics don't you think?

Please leave a comment below and let me know what you think and questions you may have. smiley

Files: linnmon_table.x3d linnmon_table.logo


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