Christmas scene

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What do you imagine for Christmas? Although Christmas is in summer time in Australia, I can still picture a snowy scene of white Christmas. There are snowflakes falling down from the sky. The ground is white in daytime and gray in the night. Trees could be green if not covered by snow. There is a snowman sitting on the ground, and some Christmas music....

Everyone should have different pictures of what Christmas is like. I followed my above description and have created the falling snow, the Christmas tree, and the Snowman. Now it is time to put them altogether.

Using the previously created components, I can easily create 100 random falling snowflakes, 20 random sized and located trees, a snowman at the center, a very big ball as the ground, and a background music.  Hope you enjoy walking in below my imaginary Christmas scene.

I published this including only Walk mode of navigation so you can walk on the ground. Here are some basic navigation controls in Walk mode:

  • Mouse left click and hold: Walk Forward
  • Mouse right click and hold: Walk Backward
  • Mouse dragging: Change Directions.
  • Press "R" key to return to starting viewpoint.

Of course, here are the Logo programming codes.

I have used some mathematics in this program. If you are interested, ask me questions or leave a comment below.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.


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