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The music box was created a while ago to test the behaviour framework. I have been busy teaching and marking these days. Thought I should write a blog then resume marking......

This music box is not anything fancy. If I had more time, I would find a speaker image and apply to the box. And maybe I can have some animation on the speaker box to accompany the music.

The behaviour of the music box is simple. Click on the box can toggle on or off the music.

In this music box, a Click event on the box will trigger the Action of toggle on the Audioclip. The Behaviour Framework was posted in the forum. You can also check out the Logo Guide/Reference Behaviour section in the wiki to find out more.

The Logo program producing this Music Box world is displayed below with comments. If you are in the VRMath2 Editor, you can open the logo file from Example folder.

As you can see in the Logo program, everytime you run it will give you random materials on the texts and random image texture on the box. The music is also nice (at least I think so wink). I can listen to it for some hours as background music when doing house work. You can change music if you like, and improve  from the program above.


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