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Welcome to Request For Comments (RFCs) page

Here I will post some of my creations of 3D tools, games and other contents. Your comments to these 3D worlds are much appreciated. Comments I am seeking include discussions about features, codings, interactions, user interfaces, learning activities (mathematics, science and others), 3D modellings, technical issues etc.

You can follow the links below to visit some of my 3D worlds, and leave comments at the end of the page. 

List of Worlds

VRMath2 Prototype 4

VRMath 2 Prototype 4 (2012 January)

This prototype has basic navigation and functionalities enough for preliminary research such as those lessons in STAR project. There are still plenty to do for VRMath 2. I am slowly coding the Logo interpreter using Javascript, and investigating how to integrate the VRMath 2 application with bloging page. I very much welcome developers and researchers to collaborate with me in developing this VRMath 2 application.


A Maze game by VRMath 2 (2011 February)

An example of using simple movement control (Quick Command) to navigate in a maze. This is a wayfinding activity to investigate how young children find their ways in an unfamiliar virtual environment. Data has been collected and being analysed.

Planets in Solar system (2010 October)

This is one of my early trials of X3DOM. There is a drop down menu to select which planet's texture to be applied.

VAM Temple (2004)

The VAM Temple was create by a group of three primary students (Year 5) using VRMath