STAR Project Lessons

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There are five lessons for the STAR Project (Trial 1)

Lesson 1: Geo-Quest

In this lesson, we will need to find out a secret word inside a cube in the air. Geo-Quest

The cube is floating high in the air. Although this is a virtual world, there is still gravity to keep you walking on the ground. How can we reach the cube?

Could there be a magic, say a magical stair case appear for you to climb up to the cube in the air? We can ask the wise fish in the pool to start the quest. There will be hints given in a message box as you use your geometric knowledge.

Good luck on finding the secret word. Click on the picture to entre.

Lesson 2: Meet the turtle

In this lesson, we will meet the turtle, who is the legendary geometry master. The turtle lives in a 3D space just like us. It can follow your command to move and leave a track in the space.

There are two important  ideas in this lesson. The first is how to navigate in 3D space, and the second is how to move the turtle in 3D space.



Lesson 3: Square in 3D space

We have learnt some rules now about how to navigate in 3D space, and how to move the turtle in last lesson. You probably have also known that the turtle can leave a track when you command the turtle to move.  In this lesson, we are going to use the turtle track to create a perfect square in the 3D virtual space. 

Do you know how to command the turtle to walk a sqaure? There are many ways to do it. After you know some ways, you may also investigate on other 2D shapes such as triangle too.

Lesson 4: Walk a cube

Now here comes a real challenge! We know that although we live in a 3D world, most of the time when we walk, we only perform 2D movements because we can't leave the ground. If we have wings like birds or butterflies, then we can do real 3D movements.

And you know what? The sea turtle and the fish can also do 3D movements too because they swim under the sea. The Jet plane can too as it flies. Now let's imagine that you are the turtle, or the big eyes fish, or the jet plane, so we can think and do 3D. With the track on, we will be able to create some 3D shapes. 

In this lesson, we will walk the turtle to create a cube. Again, there are many ways to do it, but is there an easiest way to do it?

Lesson 5: The amazing maze rescue

The amazing maze rescue

The Sea Turtle  has been locked away behind the Star Gate  in a Maze. You need to find the Star Gate and walk through the gate to rescue the Sea Turtle.

The maze is quite confusing because the walls looked very similar. We need to find some strategies to remember where we have been to in the maze. Luckily, if we ever get lost in the maze, we can always click on the Home button to start again.

Are you ready? Let's go rescuing!