Programming Driven 3D Modeling on the Web

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This is my presentation in Web3D 2017 Conference on 5th June 2017. The presentation is about my paper titled "Programming Driven 3D Modeling on the Web", which can be downloaded from ACM Digital Library, or from the Publication section in this website. In this paper, I am introducing this VRMath2 application, which incorporates a programmatic approach to create online 3D models and virtual worlds. This programmatic approach of generating online 3D models is conducive to learning in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

This presentation can also be viewed in VR CardBoard box. To do so, click on the Interface option icon Interface UI options then click on the CardBoard VR Box icon to get a QR code.

Interface icons

You will then use a QR code app (e.g., i-nigma) to scan the QR code, which will open the above virtual world in the VRMath2's VRBox app. The VRMath2's VRBox app is written in HTML5, and is recommended to open in mobile Safari for best expereince.

As this paper "Programming Driven 3D Modeling on the Web" promotes, the above virtual world is generated completely using VRMath2's Logo programming language. You may try the Logo program at the end this blog in VRMath2 Editor to recreate (with your modification if you wish) the above virtual world.

Also presented in my talk includes a demonstration of a mobile sensor control to gather 3D rotation data for 3D modeling. This is a prototype only and ideas about how this application can be utilised are welcome. Please leave a comment below if any feedback and suggetions.

FilesWeb3D2017_Yeh.logo  Web3D2017.x3d

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