3D Snowflake

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It is Christmas season, and it is deadly hot in Brisbane today (29 December 2023) at 39 degrees celsius in the southern hemisphere. I miss and wonder a snowy Christmas in norther hemisphere could be like. Perhaps making a snowflake could cool down my mind. It is also after about 2 years that I have not blogged in this VRMath2 website.

I borrowed some traditional 2D Logo code, with 4 iterations to collect points, then with VRMath2 editor's extrusion command, I could turn the 2D snowfalke fractal into a 3D version. See below the 3D snowflake.

The 3D Logo codes are provided below.

Please leave a comment below about how you think.

Files: Kock_snowflake_extrusion.logo | 3D_snowflake.x3d

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