Holiday Season Challenges

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No Object name Description Solutions
1 Christmas tree

Tree can be simple or complex, big or small. It may have a star on top with as many decorations as you want to (e.g., colourful balls)

2 A star

To be included on top of the Christmas tree. It can be 2D or 3D. You can use face to draw a star. If you want to apply material settings, don't forget to say PCOFF (Pen Colour Off).

3 A Christmas tree leaf

There are quite a few types of Christmas tree leafs. You can see some examples in Google Image search here.

4 A pine cone

This is a typical Christmas decoration. Any thing from this image search will be great.

5 A bell    
6 A sock    
7 A gift box    
8 A Snowman   /content/crb935-creation
9 A snowflake    
10 A Santa hat    
11 A candy can    
12 A sleigh     
13 A house with chimney      
14 A Christmas pudding     
15 A Christmas fireplace    
16 A train under the Christmas tree Polar express may be?  
17 A snowdome