Hemnes Desk

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The Hemnes desk is a simple design. It has a table top and three compartments for storage. The programming could be simple but because I tool a challenge to use egocentric movements only, so it takes more than two hours to complete. Another reason for the longer time taken was that during the construction, I actually found a bug in the VRMath2 Editor, which puzzled me with some strange behaviour of the turtle movement.

Below is the Hemnes desk 3D model. Please feel free to rotate and inspect.

The Logo programming codes are below with annotated comments.

As can be seen, the only information given for this desk is the three dimensions (Width: 155 cm; Depth: 65 cm; Height: 74 cm). Other dimensions are by estimation through the picture in the Furniture Visualisation Challenges. Line 85 SETWAIT 10 makes the turtle to move slower so if you run this program in VRMath2 Editor, you can observe its creation process.

The default unit for length is set as meter, therefore, you can see most of the numbers for moving (distance) or scale are decimals. The desk is also written in a procedure so it can be reused by simple copy the procedure into your other programs if needed.

The good thing about using egocentric movement is that this table can be created according to the turtle's beginning location and direction. This means that if you want to create a rotate desk, you can simply do RT 90 then HEMNES to get one.

Below are all the files, and you can also find the program collected in the Example -> Logo -> furniture folder in VRMath2 Editor.

Hemnes_desk.x3d  Hemnes_Desk.logo

Please leave a commment below to let me know what you think. :-)

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