Earth and Moon

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TH209's picture

Hi, I created this 3D virtual world for you to see, I hope you like it.

This is only my second creation using 3D virtual world. I only learnt this yesterday and I hope that you like it.smiley

3D world below.

Please leave me some comments.wink


Andy's picture


It is now easy to make things move in VRMath2. Why not try the SPIN command to make the Earth and Moon move? smiley

Andy's picture


Just a thought that you may look at the real data and try to produce a scaled model. smiley

This could be complex and difficult. If so, post questions in the forum to get help.

Andy's picture

Like it +1

Like it & love it. cool

Could the Moon have an image texture too?

mathskid's picture

Nice work

nice work, since your still learning 3d shapes mabey check andy's tables or my scaleable table, but nice work for your first try

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