Palm Tree Leaf

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Outsite my office window, there are many palm trees. I thought about making one so it may be reused later to make a full tree.

There are patterns in the palm tree leaves. For example, leaves on the two sides could be alternating or symmetrical. This one I created is symmetrical, but it could be easily midfied to be alternating I think.

The leaves may look complex to construct, but it can be easy if starting from just one leaf. As seen in the leaf procedure, I carefully walked the turtle to create two symmetrical faces for a leaf.


Two faces are not on the same plane and they have slightly different colours. Once that is done, another repeat can be used to generate more leaves. The leaves I have started from shorter and got longer, they also converge to the stem at the end.  

During the repeat, I also roll the turtle up and down a bit to create the curved stem. At the end of the logo program, I connected the path to make the stem (as a black line). The stem looks too thin. I will need to add lineproperties into VRMath2 Editor so in the future the line can be thicker.

Below is the Logo program.

Here are the files if interested: palm_tree_leaf.logo  palm_tree_leaf.x3d

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