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CRB935 Attempt

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This is my attempt at using VRMaths2. 

I origionally tried to make a more intrecate design, but my total lack of coding/graphics ability really did hinder my attempt so i decided to do a simple dice by following Andy's video tutorial. Im yet to figure out how to find the coding for this but once i do i will edit my blog :)

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Simple Dice

Simple Dice

A while ago, my PhD supervisor Professor Nason was watching me using VRMath2 Editor. He saw that I could create a cube easily by clicking on the cube icon in the Shapebar, and I could apply a texture on the cube easily by clicking on the cube (select it) and then click on an image texture in the Texture Chooser in Property Inspector Window. However, when he asked me to create a dice, I could not do it quickly because an image texture will be applied to all the six faces of the built-in cube.