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Flying boxes

flying boxes

In Web3D '17 Conference, James showed me how to do particle effect in Unity, which is very very cool. Then I thought that I may be able to create similar effect in my VRMath2 Editor. It turned out that it is quite easy to program in VRMath2, but of course the visual is not as good as in Unity. The simple codes, however, may be worth seeing, so here we go.

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CRB935 Attempt

Image ALT text

This is my attempt at using VRMaths2. 

I origionally tried to make a more intrecate design, but my total lack of coding/graphics ability really did hinder my attempt so i decided to do a simple dice by following Andy's video tutorial. Im yet to figure out how to find the coding for this but once i do i will edit my blog :)

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Cube to Rectangular Prism

Cube and Prism

This cube can be used in a classroom to demonstrate to students the differences between cubes and rectangular prisms.

How to create a minecraft like world

VRMath2 is an educational application and community. It allows easy generation of 3D virtual worlds by any users and publish or blog online.

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Steph's cube

My AWESOME cube, pretty colours made by Steph 

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Basic animation in VRMath2

Animating cube

Animation in VRMath2 is still in the development stage. I have created some Logo commands to achieve some basic animation. Animation in Logo can be very powerful because it is very easy to move the turtle around in 3D space and collect its position and orientation for animation.

Here is a basic introduction of animation in VRMath2. The whole animation framework will be revised and more GUI will be developed to enable easy creation of animations.

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Platonic solids are polyhedron which satisfy 3 conditions

  1. all its faces are congruent convex regular polygons,
  2. none of its faces intersect except at their edges, and
  3. the same number of faces meet at each of its vertices


The most commonly recognised platonic solid, also known as a cube. 

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My first 3D project: A simple table

Simple table design

This table is consisted of 5 objects. The table top is a scaled box (cube). The four legs are scaled cans (cylinder).

To make this table, I carefully walked the turtle to the location where the objects should be placed and rotate the turtle to face certain direction before I place the objects. To move the turtle, I use the Quick Command Window to try first, and eventually I wrote in the Logo Editor Window the following commands to create this table.