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Hemnes Desk

Hemnes desk

The Hemnes desk is a simple design. It has a table top and three compartments for storage. The programming could be simple but because I tool a challenge to use egocentric movements only, so it takes more than two hours to complete. Another reason for the longer time taken was that during the construction, I actually found a bug in the VRMath2 Editor, which puzzled me with some strange behaviour of the turtle movement.

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Scalable table with bowl

A size able table with a bowl and a metre post

A sizeable table and bowl. I hope you like the customisation of the table and the bowl, creating weird combinations.

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VAM Temple project

VAM Temple

The VAM Temple project was completed by 3 primary school students (Year 5, aged 9) in 2003, using the archived VRMath 1.0 application. The Logo program they wrote at the time can still run in the new VRMath2 Editor with few modifications. You can try to recreate it in the VRMath2 Editor, by openning the  vam_temple.logo in the Logo Editor and executing the program.

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My first 3D project: A simple table

Simple table design

This table is consisted of 5 objects. The table top is a scaled box (cube). The four legs are scaled cans (cylinder).

To make this table, I carefully walked the turtle to the location where the objects should be placed and rotate the turtle to face certain direction before I place the objects. To move the turtle, I use the Quick Command Window to try first, and eventually I wrote in the Logo Editor Window the following commands to create this table.