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Lithium Atom Model
All the objects that surround us in our lives are made of extremely small particles invisible to the naked eye.
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Animated Atomic Model

Atomic Model

Here is my first attempt at a transforming model, I found it useful to give the centre a texture to conceptualise what was "spinning".  I have not yet worked out how to roll up and tilt right at the same time (moving both axis').

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Copper Lattice

Copper Lattice

Copper is a metal element found in nature. Copper atoms can stick together forming large grid-like structures known as crystal lattice. I found a picture of copper lattice from a secondary school science textbook. The picture shows a simple grid structure so I quickly coded in VRMath2 Editor to produce the 3D model below. It is a small copper lattice structure in the outer space.

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Gear 2D Prototype

gear2d prototype

Following the circle involute blog, I thought about creating a gear procedure for easy creation of different gears. The method used is quite differnt to the involute idea but the turtle geometry way of thinking and doing the gears. This prototype procedure utilised a simple regular poygon formula (repeat :sides [ fd 1 rt 360/:sides ]) and some built-in commands such as TOWARD and SETHEADING to rotate the turtle and get the directions needed.

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Fibonacci sequence

3 fibonacci sequences next to each other

Fibonacci sequences on top of each other. I hope you like the mathematics, beauty and customisation of this design.

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floating shape

This is my first creation and its basicly just a bunch of the same shape in a massive circle.

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3D Pattern Genorator

Multi 2d shapes in 3d space

2d shapes in 3d space. I hope you like the cool patterns and the way you can change the model easily to fit your likeings.

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my first world

*insert random shapes here*

This is my first 3D world. I hope you like it