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Bouncing spring

Bouncing Spring

Bouncing is fun. A spring has potential (elastic?) energy that has many uses in our life. Can you think of any uses? I just had a front suspesion replace in my old car. There are two big springs (or perhaps 4, I did not check back wheels) on top of the two front wheels. The two springs make sitting in the car comfortable by obsorbing forces and only bouncing slightly when driving (on rocky road).

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desert shape

This is my first creation. I hope you will like it.

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floating shape

This is my first creation and its basicly just a bunch of the same shape in a massive circle.

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Troys first logo

Troys first logo

This is my first 2d or 3d (not sure) shape i hope you like it. (: (: (: (:

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Amazing shape

This is my first creation of 3D virtual world. I hope you enjoy it!   laugh
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This is my first 3D world.Hpoe you like it.smileywinklaughcoolyesenlightened

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A 3D geometric shape

cool 3D shape

This is my first creation of a 3D world. I hope you love it.

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Simple DNA Model

DNA model

It was Wednesday, 17th of July. I met with a visiting scholar Xie Zuo Ru from China.  Xie is an awarding-winning high school teacher in the area of technology education. His research interests focused on the use of interactive media to promote science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education.  The interactive media refers to the small computers such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi that are affordable, programmable, and capable of transforming virtually any objects into input and output devices.  A wide range of interactive media applications such as turning a drawing of keyboard into a real keyboard or remote control of household appliances makes the teaching and learning fun and creative. He is also an expert in robotics and programming.