2D shapes

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floating shape

This is my first creation and its basicly just a bunch of the same shape in a massive circle.

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3D Pattern Genorator

Multi 2d shapes in 3d space

2d shapes in 3d space. I hope you like the cool patterns and the way you can change the model easily to fit your likeings.

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my first world

*insert random shapes here*

This is my first 3D world. I hope you like it

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Troys first logo

Troys first logo

This is my first 2d or 3d (not sure) shape i hope you like it. (: (: (: (:

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my world that andy taught me how to make

 this is my visual world made out of 2D shapes put in 3D space i hope you enjoy playing I know I enjoyed making it. Hope you like itcheeky

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A 3D geometric shape

cool 3D shape

This is my first creation of a 3D world. I hope you love it.