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Recently, I am working on a project about using VR CardBoard to view the 3D models or worlds created on VRMath2 website. So far, a prototype is avaiable for iPhone (tested on iPhone 6 only) capable of viewing most x3d files generated from VRMath2 Editor. However, there is no easy interface yet from it (mobile in CardBoard) to navigate x3d files. But there are three ways to start with.

1. From the Blogs where the x3d world is displayed.

All X3D worlds displayed in blogs will have a sqaure at their top-right corner. Click on it will show a menu, which has a CardBoard VR icon.

Click on the vrbox icon, a QR code will drop down. So you know that you can scan the QR code using your mobile to view in your mobile browser. I have only tested in my iPhone 6, and know some issues with android device. The iOS Safari when roated to landscape mode, it will turn full screen automatically. Android devices using Chrome browser can add to home screen then reopen to get full screen. Below is a 3D world for you to test this. If you use your mobile to click on the vrbox, then it will open directly in your mobile browser.

2. From the VRMath2 Editor.

If using the file dialog and browse to any x3d files, you will see the vrbox icon in the preview area. Click on the icon you can also get a QR code to scan with your mobile (PS: you need a QR code scanning App such as i-nigma). If you are using your mobile for VRMath2 Editor, then it will open directly in your mobile and no need to scan a QR code. See the images below for example.

File Manager QR Code for VR

3. From your mobile browser.

You will need to know the path to your x3d file on VRMath2 website and type in the URL in your mobile browser as:


If you have an account (free to register), you can find the full path in My Account -> File Browser as shown in the image belwo:

File browser

I know there are still much work to do, and I need to find time to make it better. If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment below.

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