The infinite mobius space

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Andy's picture

What if the world is a Mobius ring? Then would this man even walk to the end of the world?

A normal wrist band has inside and outside faces. If we cut the band, twist it 180 degrees then reconnect the band, then we have created a Mobius ring (or Mobius strip). A Mobius ring has only 1 face. You can observe the man walking continuously on the inside to outside, then inside, and outside again and again.....   

smiley Let me know what you think by posting your comments below.

The construction of this virtual world is a little bit complicated. I will explain later.


garysweatt's picture

Even though if World was a

Even though if World was a mobius ring, travel to end wouldn't be possible I guess. We are habituate of getting stops and hold ons in between.

Hiramreel's picture

Yes I completely agree with

Yes I completely agree with garysweatt, though there are  inside and outside faces, but we get some break in between to come out form this mobius ring.

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