Snub dodecahedron

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Knoblauch's picture

The Snub dodecahedron has 92 faces (12 pentagons, 80 equilateral triangles), 150 edges,  and 60 vertices.

This is not quite complete, the last pentagon and 10 triangles have not yet been placed (thought it was interesting to be able to look inside.

I will be re-looking at the procedure for this at a later date. I have either miscalculated an angle somewhere (I do not believe that this is the case as I would have noticed edges not meeting properly earlier) but when I went to start the last round of equilateral triangles, they were not lining up correctly.

despite not being complete, I still believe it is an interesting item to view.


Andy's picture


It is absolutely interesting to see.  :-)  We can see the inside of this Snub Dodecahedron. cool

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