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Andy's picture

There are many different looking snowmen, I think this is a classical one.

I utilised the available 3D objects in VRMath2 Editor to create this snowman. The placement of objects requires clear thinking of location and directions. Objects also need to be scaled. A couple of trial and error should work out suitable scales.

The final ideas are an up side down nozzle to be the hat. The nose is a cone, and a torus makes the scarf. Other body parts are easy to recognise. The codes below explain what 3D objects are used to be which part of the snowman. But the movements are somewhat complicated, and I hope you can try it out both mentally and physically in VRMath2 Editor.

Now enjoy the 3D Snowman, isn't it cute?

Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think. laugh

Files: snowman.x3d  snowman.logo



Cliffmarin's picture

This snowman is really very

This snowman is really very cute and to know about its 3d objects is also very interesting and nice.



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