CRB935 Creation

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This snowman is my first creation using VRMath 2. It has been constructed using various shapes that have been carefully placed to give the overall effect.

The most difficut part of making this snowman was setting the material to the scarf and mittens. Even though I managed it eventually, when I set the colour of the carrot nose and buttons, the tartan material became lighter and looked slightly metalic. I spent some time trying to change this back to the original shade but decided in the long run, the effect is still the same and moved on.

Below is the logo program which I wrote for the snowman. As I worked with it, I became more proficent and figured out the shortcuts which can be used instead of typing whole words. I'm sure there would be an easier and more succinct way to have built the snowman, but the was I have done it reflects the process of my learning.



Luke Messenger's picture

I like his fez!

I like his fez!

Nicole's picture


Wow I really like this snowman. 

His nose is a good size :-)

Andy's picture

Nose size

Hmm... from the Logo program, the scale of the nose (cone) is 0.3 0.7 0.3. Part of the nose is in the head.

The height (Y) is a bit more than double the diameter of the base. I think it is a good size for a carrot too.

Andy's picture

Cute snowman

Thanks for sharing another Olaf.  ^__^.  

I think that your moving the turtle to the right location and direction then place scaled objects is a great job. Use a snout as a hat is also clever. cool

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