Solar system

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The Sun and Earth model

Most of us may know that the distance between the Sun and the Earth is one AU (Astronomical Unit: 150,000,000 km). However, due to the various online solar system images, many of us are not clear about how the Earth and Sun look like in space in the actaul scale. The VRMath2 Editor is a 3D modelling application, and is capable of modelling our solar system. Therefore, I did an experiment in modelling the Earth and Sun using actual parameters. The results are not as good as I expected, but they do make me appreciate the awe of the solar system, and the difficulties in modelling and comprehending the science of our solar system.

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Rotating Earth orbiting the Sun

Rotating Earth

This is a simple Earth and Sun model. This model is not to scale in terms of size and distance.

The rotation and revolution speeds are roughly to scale. The Earth in this model is rotating at 1 second per rotation. It is also revolving at 365 seconds per revolution.

The Earth has a tile of 23.5 degrees on its rotation axis to the orbiting plane. There are also some background stars (points). This model can be easily created using VRMath2 Editorsmiley