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Ethanol Molecule


Atoms are the building blocks of all matter in the universe. They make up every object, material and substance. Atoms are made from protons, neutrons and electrons, and in different arrangements and quantities, form different atoms. 2 or more of these atoms can be grouped together to form molecules. Molecules are the smallest particles in chemical elements. An example of a compound is ethanol. This blog is written to show the molecule I have constructed, which is ethanol, and to explain its structure and characteristics. Also, I will share my experience creating the molecule, and what difficulties and questions I had about the creation process on VRmath2.0.

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FINAL Methane Blog by Anna Lei (ASC092A)

Methane 3D Model by Anna Lei

The compound methane has the chemical formula of CH4. Methane is the simplest hydrocarbon of the paraffin series and a potent greenhouse gas, as well as being a large component of natural gas. The major human-associated source of methane is the production/combustion of coal (Britannica, 2016). In nature, methane is the product of anaerobic bacterial decomposition and certain human/animal activities (7% methane in flatulence). It can be found in wetlands, termites, landfills, volcanoes and oceans. The abundance of methane makes it a widely used fuel for heat and light (energy) production (ARM, 2016). In this blog, the details of methane will be uncovered.

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Water Water Water

Water Molecule Example

This is my first blog about creating a water molecule using logo

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general smoothness

smooth gear

Getting gears to appear smooth by explicitly assigning indices to the generated facets got me thinking in more detail of how to accomplish this result in general, for any facets drawn in face mode by turtle graphics.

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smoother gears

smoother tooth

Trying to get a smoother appearance for the curved gear teeth involves lessons both in logo programming and in the underlying 3d display technology.

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Flying Boxes

A surprise happened when I was trying to use nested transforms.

Logo guide/reference

This Logo guide/reference is adapted from Joshua Bell's Logo Interpreter.