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H2O Molecule

Water molecule

Imagine you are sitting with your feet in a pool (filled with liquid water), watching the steam (gaseous water) rise from the spa nearby as you sip a drink from your glass filled with ice cubes (solidified water). Not many other chemical substances can exist in all three states of matter within the same temperature range. In fact, water it is the only substance which naturally occurs in all types. This is why H2O (commonly called water) is one of the most interesting chemical compounds in the universe, as well as being essential for life! (We have never found any organism that doesn't contain H2O)  Apart from being the most abundant compound on the Earth's surface, it has many other unique properties such as it's polar covalent bonds. 

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H2O Water Molecule

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This is my intro

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Water Molecule

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What if the world had no water?....Water is one of the most crucial substances for the survival of living beings, and takes up approximately 70% of the world's surface. But what is water? Have you ever heard people say the word "H2O" and wondered why water was given that name? Well, "H", "2" and "O" are not just random letters and numbers put together to sound fancy; H2O is the molecular formula for water, representing the individual atoms in the compound. Water is an extremely unique molecule, having an interesting composition, structure and set of characteristics. So, let's flow right into it!

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Xie, Michael BLOG H20

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Introction- Water: Is It Wet?
Water is an essential element which is required to sustain life.
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Water Water Water

Water Molecule Example

This is my first blog about creating a water molecule using logo