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H2O Molecule

Water molecule

Imagine you are sitting with your feet in a pool (filled with liquid water), watching the steam (gaseous water) rise from the spa nearby as you sip a drink from your glass filled with ice cubes (solidified water). Not many other chemical substances can exist in all three states of matter within the same temperature range. In fact, water it is the only substance which naturally occurs in all types. This is why H2O (commonly called water) is one of the most interesting chemical compounds in the universe, as well as being essential for life! (We have never found any organism that doesn't contain H2O)  Apart from being the most abundant compound on the Earth's surface, it has many other unique properties such as it's polar covalent bonds. 

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Boron Atom (By Melody Suen)

3D Model of Boron Atom
At the QUT workshop, I learnt how to use VRMath 2.0 to program, create 3D molecules/atoms and how to write a blog. With my partner Hana, we created a 3D model of a boron atom. In this blog post, I will explain the composition, structure and characteristics of boron, as well as the programming used. 

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helical gears

3 helical gears

The real advantage of gear modelling in 3d is that gears in a mesh do not have to parallel each other. It is posible to demonstrate how gears can transfer rotation (and forces) to orientations other than the driving gear. This kind of transfer is possible by use of helical gears.

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Coffee Table

Coffee table

It has been a while, a long while that I do not have time blogging. It feels good when I put down work and write a blog. In fact, it did not take long to do this coffee table at all.

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Methane Molecule

Methane Molecule

This is my first and simple construction of a molecule. I chose to do Methane (CH4), one atom of carbon and four atoms of hydrogen, because it takes the shape of a tetrahedron. In this blog, I used a different but simple method to construct this tetrahedron shape. There is a special angle in tetrahedron. With this special angle, we can easily construct a tetrahedron.