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A paper dragon

a dragon


The dragon curve is a fractal which is defined by replacing a segment of the curve with a (smaller) version of itself.

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Another Tetrahedron


Thanks to Knoblauch who created the Tetrahedron blog in VRMath2 Community. She demonstrated two methods to create a tetrahedron. Here I present another way to construct a tetrahedron using VRMath2 Editor. This is a generic way utilising the dihedral angles in 3D shapes. By this, many of the classical geometric solids such as those listed in this challenge can be easily created.

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Ripple wave

Ripple test

This is my first water ripple experiment. I found a function on Youtube and had a quick experiment. The ripple effect is not perfect but could be a good start for whoever is interested to refine it.

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Mathematics, Programming and STEM

MERGA38 Presentation

This is my first attemp to create a 3D virtual world for a conference presentation. This presentation is for my paper titled "Mathematics, Programming and STEM" published in MERGA 38 conference proceedings.

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Bouncing spring

Bouncing Spring

Bouncing is fun. A spring has potential (elastic?) energy that has many uses in our life. Can you think of any uses? I just had a front suspesion replace in my old car. There are two big springs (or perhaps 4, I did not check back wheels) on top of the two front wheels. The two springs make sitting in the car comfortable by obsorbing forces and only bouncing slightly when driving (on rocky road).