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Hydrogen atom

Hydrogen atom

I have been contemplating the animation framework and recently implemented a SPIN command to make spin animation easy for even young children. In order to show how to spin objects, I have created this hydrogen atom simulation to demonstrate the SPIN and a few new commands.

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Coffee Table

Coffee table

It has been a while, a long while that I do not have time blogging. It feels good when I put down work and write a blog. In fact, it did not take long to do this coffee table at all.

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A shield or spider web?

rotating cube frames

Some time ago, I have seen cube frame animation in a gif file. I am not sure how that was created and using what software, but to me it is quite easy to do in VRMath2 Editor. In this blog, I only did the rotation. If translation (change of location) is also animated it would be more interesting. But I think I will leave it to my future blogs.

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Earth and Moon

Hi, I created this 3D virtual world for you to see, I hope you like it.

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Fibonacci sequence

3 fibonacci sequences next to each other

Fibonacci sequences on top of each other. I hope you like the mathematics, beauty and customisation of this design.