How to post a forum discussion

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The VRMath2 Forum is a place for community members to discuss all issues, ask and answer questions related to create and share online 3D virtual worlds. They can be technical questions, mathematical or scientific questions, and/or suggestions to design and improve the VRMath2 Community and VRMath2 Editor. Some forums are open to the public to read, and some forums are private or exclusive to members only. Only registered users and post and comment on forum discussions.

To access VRMath2 Forum, click on the Discuss at the top of VRMath2 website (see below image).


You will then see a list of forums in categories such as Designer forums, Education forums, and Technical forums etc. Click into the Logo programming forum for example, you can see the Post new Forum topic button. Click on that button to start a new topic.


Forum post new


Or if you are reading others' topics, click on the Reply button to join the discussion.