Virtual Gallery

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Imagination about 3D virtual world is unlimited. We can create 3D virtual worlds to mimic the real world, or we can create 3D virtual worlds that is not possible in the real world for various reasons. A virtual gallery can suit everyone who wishes to display their own art works, at minimum expense, well, it is actually free but requires some hours of design perhaps. wink

Here is an example of a Virtual Gallery created in VRMath2.  (viewing from the second floor)

This Virtual Gallery is a 40 x 40 x 10 (W x L x H in metres) structure with two sotries. There are 24 pictures to see on the first floor, and only 7 at the moment on the second floor. All pictures are hanging down from the ceiling. The Gallery is constructed using mostly glass materials. Therefore, you can see the landscape outside the Gallery when you are inside the Gallery. You can also see through the two floors. With a light shining down from the ceiling, you can feel the lighting effect with some shadows of the hanging wires and picture frames.

Here are some more snapshots of the Gallery.

Below is a walk through video.

Perhaps the best way to experience is for you to navigate in. Follow this blog link (Virtual Art Gallery) , you can try this Virtual Gallery in 3D.