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Ripple wave

Ripple test

This is my first water ripple experiment. I found a function on Youtube and had a quick experiment. The ripple effect is not perfect but could be a good start for whoever is interested to refine it.

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Waves at sea

Sea surface

Following my previous blog about 3D function graphing, I did another experiment to animate the 3D graphs. In this blog, I used the same 3D function f(x,z) = x*z^3-z*x^3 to generate two sets of heights. Then a VECTORINTERPOLATOR (or VECINT) was used to animate this 3D graph. It looks to me like a wave on the sea surface. What do you think?

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3D function with ElevationGrid

3D function

I have been thinking about 3D graphing using ElevationGrid for a while and finally got time to demonstrate here. Previously, I have blogged about 3D plotting and ElevationGrid, This blog is simply taking the same maths function f(x,z) = x*z^3-z*x^3 in the 3D plotting blog and apply to the ElevationGrid object.

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Rotating ElevationGrid

Rotating ElevationGrid

Someone asked about an ElevationGrid rotating about its center in the X3DOM User Mailling List, so I created this one using VRMath2 Editor to demonstrate that it is quite easy to create one. The idea in this demo is to have the center of ElevationGrid at 0,0,0 then move the ElevationGrid into an empty Transform node. The OrientationInterpolator is then applied on to the outer Transform node.

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ElevationGrid added

The ElevationGrid node is now added into VRMath2 Editor.