ElevationGrid added

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Joined: 01/07/2013

The ElevationGrid node is now added into VRMath2 Editor. A click on the icon  will generate a random 10 x 10 ElevationGrid. Or you can type in the Logo command elevationgrid or elegrid to get one. Below is an example.

The ElevationGrid will be inserted to the right and back of the turtle. The xDimension, zDimension and height etc. attributes can be changed after inserted through the Property Inspector's Object Settings, or through Logo programming.

The ElevationGrid is good as terrain to walk on. But if you have real world data, or prefer to generate the heights mathematically such as using a function in this 3D Graphing blog, you can easily edit or program to generate the terrain you want.

Please reply to this topic if any comments or design suggestions. enlightened