VRMath2 Editor Beta

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The VRMath2 Editor is an integral part of VRMath 2.0 online learning community. It empowers users and learners to express their mathematical ideas via its interactive graphical user interfaces (GUIs) and its LOGO programming language. Creating 3D virtual worlds or objects has never been this easy in an online environment. You can check out a couple of examples here, to see what the community members are building.  VRMath2 Editor is still under construction, but you can try the dev (beta) version here. Or you can simply click on the Create link on top of this page to access the VRMath2 Editor.

Below is a screenshot of the VRMath2 Editor.

This version (0.9) was released on 1st July 2013, as a free educational application to the public. You are most welcome to join this community by registering youself here.  Registered users can have private online space, where they can save their created 3D virtual worlds and share (blog) later in VRMath2 site.

To learn more about how to use this Editor, please visit the Wiki page

The VRMath2 Editor is under quick development. We also welcome interested programmers and designers to participate in the development. If you are one of them, please visit our discussion forums, or send us a message from the Contact us page.