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Truncated Icosidodecahedron

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The truncated icosidodecahedron is made up of 30 square faces, 20 regular hexagonal faces, 12 regular decagonal faces, 120 vertices and 180 edges. The dihedral angles for this Archimedean solid are as follows:

  • between a hexagonal face and a decagonal face: 142.62 degrees (6-10)

  • between a square face and a decagonal face: 148.28 degrees (4-10)

  • between a square face and a hexagonal face: 159.095 degrees (4-6)
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Cube to Rectangular Prism

Cube and Prism

This cube can be used in a classroom to demonstrate to students the differences between cubes and rectangular prisms.

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Week 2/3 Journal

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Hi VRMath2 Community,

This is my first blog entry onto the site.

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Geometry exploration

This collection of shapes is the result of my learning the LOGO programming language.  

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CRB935 Creation


This snowman is my first creation using VRMath 2. It has been constructed using various shapes that have been carefully placed to give the overall effect.