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HydROgEn cYAnIde

Hydrogen Cyanide (Hydrogen, Carbon, Nitrogen)

Atoms are the building blocks of all matter that we can touch, affect and be affected by. They each contain varying numbers of protons, electrons and neutrons that make up hundreds of thousands of different elements, molecules and compounds used both by nature and humans. These can range from a simple oxygen molecule (O2) to more complicated compounds such as Methamphetamine, C20H15N. One such molecule is HCN; Hydrogen Cyanide.

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Ammonia by Raymond Liu

Ammonia, also known as NH3, is a basic chemical compound made up of three hydrogen atoms and one nitrogen atom. It has a melting point of -77°C and a boiling point of -33°C.

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Atom Structure of Magnesium

Dear Teachers,

This is our draft of magnesium atom, just to check whther this publishses properly or not (NOT A FINAL). Draft Atomic structure created by Haritha. B and Krupesh. M.

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KOH Pottasium Hydroxide Molecule Layke Ellison Final

Potassium Hydroxide is a pretty uncommon chemical around your house compared to H20 (Water), NaCl (Salt) and O2 (Oxygen). However, if you are ever holding a bar of soap, a bottle of hairspray, some fertiliser or even food stabiliser, that may possibly be containing some potassium hydroxide. This blog will include information on the Potassium Hydroxide Molecule, what it contains and how it is structured, the 3D model of the Potassium Hydroxide Model and the issues and questions I had with the whole task.



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Ethane Molecule

Image ALT text

Ethane is a compound that is a byproduct of petroleum processing, and can then be processed to create plastics and ethanol. It is a versatile chemical, and it is also found on other planets, not just Earth. This discovery has scientists interested in Ethane. Ethane’s chemical formula is C2H6 as shown in the diagram below. This blog will discuss the properties, composition, characteristics, and structure of ethane, as well as the uses of ethane, and compounds derived from ethane, as ethane is mainly converted into other molecules.

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This blog focuses on the silicon atom. It details the composition, structure and characteristics, as well as the many ways in which humans use and depend upon this element. Furthermore, this entry will retell a short history of the silicon atom, from its initial creation, to its discovery, until now. Finally, the blog will give an overview of the process involved in the creation and programming of this atom model below, via VRMath2 software.



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3D Model Of Potassium Atom Draft







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Sulphuric Acid

Sulphuric Acid


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Draft Model

Draft model

Here is the draft blog for the molecule of sulfuric acid or H2SO4. 

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Carbon Monoxide Blog

Carbon monoxide (CO) is colourless, tasteless and odourless in gas form, and its also toxic... Yay.