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Lithium Atom

*Lithium Atom Model Picture*

This blog will discuss the shape and characteristics of lithium atoms. Some questions and will be asked further in the investigation for you to answer yourself.

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Sulfur Atom

Sulfur atom spinning on pink horizon background :)

In this blog I will be discussing the composition, struture and characteristics of the atom sulfur (sulphur). 

It is a common atom with many industrial uses, such as the manufacturing of black powder, matches and explosives. It is also used to create rubber, in dyes, and as an insecticide and fungicide, however its main use is in producing sulfuric acid, the top chemical used by the world's industry. 

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KOH Pottasium Hydroxide Molecule Layke Ellison Final

Potassium Hydroxide is a pretty uncommon chemical around your house compared to H20 (Water), NaCl (Salt) and O2 (Oxygen). However, if you are ever holding a bar of soap, a bottle of hairspray, some fertiliser or even food stabiliser, that may possibly be containing some potassium hydroxide. This blog will include information on the Potassium Hydroxide Molecule, what it contains and how it is structured, the 3D model of the Potassium Hydroxide Model and the issues and questions I had with the whole task.



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Acetone Blog

Acetone Molecule

My name is Michaela Cheong and I am a student at Brisbane State High School. In our current unit of science, we are learning about chemistry, specifically the structure and characteristics of atoms (building blocks which make up everything) and compounds (consist of two or more atoms which are chemically bonded). In this blog, I will show you a 3D model of a molecule of acetone along with a discussion of it’s molecular structure, uses and properties.

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Oxygen atom

oxygen atom

This is a test blog. Oxygen is ....... an introduction here.

Atomic number...