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H - Hydrogen

Screenshot of a hydrogen atom


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Nitrogen Atom Blog Millie Ng FINAL

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Nitrogen is an atom which is also the first element in column 15 of the periodic table (Johnson, 2012). It is part of the group of "other" nonmetal elements (Johnson, 2012). Although air is largely associated as "oxygen", the most common element in air is nitrogen (Johnson, 2012). The Earth's atmosphere is 78% nitrogen gas. Despite the fact that there is a lot of nitrogen in the air, there is very little in the Earth's crust (Johnson, 2012). It can also be found in rare minerals such as saltpeter and can be found in all living organisms on Earth such as plants and animals (Johnson, 2012).

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  1. This is our draft blog design for the atmoic structure of a normal Magnesium Atom.
  2. Done by Haritha. B and Krupesh.
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Ammonia molecule


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Acetic acid molecule

This is my introduction

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Sammo's Bloggo

This a draft

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    Methane Molecule


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    Carbon Dioxide Molecule

    Carbon dioxide, which has the molecular formula CO2, is a chemical compound discovered by Joseph Black, a Scottish scientist, in the 1750s.

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    Molecule Ammonia NH3

    This is my introduction

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    This is the introduction