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    Potassium Atom

    Potassium Atom Model

    Grace Clemens

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    The Potassium Atom

    Potassium is a chemical element classified the atomic symbol 'K' on the Periodic Table. As the seventh most abundant element on Earth (2.6% abundance in Earth's crust), potassium is found in a wide array of industries, despite being commonly known for its integral role as a mineral that allows human cell function and its presence in bananas. Some applications of potassium are (but not limited to) potassium-based fertilisers, pharmaceuticals and manufacturing. Discovered in 1807 by Sir Humphrey Davy, its abundance and simple atomic structure has allowed for exhaustive research and application regarding potassium. 

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    Lithium Atom

    *Lithium Atom Model Picture*

    This blog will discuss the shape and characteristics of lithium atoms. Some questions and will be asked further in the investigation for you to answer yourself.

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    DiHydrogen Monoxide Molecule

    Science Assignment

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    Chlorine Blog

    A Photo of a Chlorine Atom

    Chlorine is a diatomic gaseous element, with the atomic number of 17. Its symbol is Cl and it is a non-metal.

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    Sulfur Atom

    Sulfur atom spinning on pink horizon background :)

    In this blog I will be discussing the composition, struture and characteristics of the atom sulfur (sulphur). 

    It is a common atom with many industrial uses, such as the manufacturing of black powder, matches and explosives. It is also used to create rubber, in dyes, and as an insecticide and fungicide, however its main use is in producing sulfuric acid, the top chemical used by the world's industry. 

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    Carbon atom by William Du

    Carbon atom

    Carbon is one of the most abundant atoms in the universe. It is able to form many compounds, such as diamond, graphene and graphite.

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    Carbon Monoxide Blog (By: Devmi Basnayake)

    Contents                                           &nb