Testing group

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This is a testing group for how a private group would work in VRMath2 Community. After joining in this group, you will be able o post a group blog into this group space. Blogs in this group will be accessible to group members only.

Applications for group could be for school teachers who want to have a space for their students to post private blogs. Teachers can ask for a group space by sending your request through contact us.

Dave's picture

Animated Atomic Model

Atomic Model

Here is my first attempt at a transforming model, I found it useful to give the centre a texture to conceptualise what was "spinning".  I have not yet worked out how to roll up and tilt right at the same time (moving both axis').

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Water - training

Hello world.

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Water Water Water

Water Molecule Example

This is my first blog about creating a water molecule using logo

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H2O experience


This is my first blog about my first design - a water molecule

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My Water Molecule


This is mny first blog about a waster molecule.