Another Tetrahedron

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Thanks to Knoblauch who created the Tetrahedron blog in VRMath2 Community. She demonstrated two methods to create a tetrahedron. Here I present another way to construct a tetrahedron using VRMath2 Editor. This is a generic way utilising the dihedral angles in 3D shapes. By this, many of the classical geometric solids such as those listed in this challenge can be easily created.

Here is the tetrahedron in 3D virtaul space.

If you are interested, you can recreate this in VRMath2 Editor. Simply copy the Logo codes below to Logo Editor in VRMath2 Editor, or you can open the Logo file as a guest visitor.

Please leave a comment below if any questions.

Filestetrahedron.x3d  tetrahedron.logo

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