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Robotic arm

Robotic arm

In the last two years or so, I started learning about 3D printing and coding various microcontrollers. The ultimate purpose is to bring these into STEM education and promote maker culture in schools. Last year in 2019, I started a MakerClubQUT and began documenting various maker projects. End of 2019, I started building my first simple robotic arm and thought about the 3D rotations for the robotic arm to reach any particular location in space. I thought that I might try coding a virtual robotic arm in VRMath2, and here it is.

How to create a spinning earth in space

This is an updated tutorial about creating a planet earth in space.

Part 1: using GUI

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Animation made easy

There are three newly created animation commands (SPIN, TRAVEL and ORIENT), which make 3D an

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I was playing around with animation but I couldn't figure out how to work the TimeSensor and how it helps you. I've looked it up on the logo help but there wasn't much on it.

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Behaviour Framework

The Behaviour Framework has been in the planning for a long time and finally it has come to implementation stage.